Earth Wise Organic Farms is a Certified California Producer (#SBEP12049 ) of the Moringa Tree We harvest the fresh leaf ,then the leaves are dried in a controlled atmosphere to preserve the nutrients, we grind the leaf of the tree and bottle it in glass preserve jars .This Glass preserve jar insures freshness, also will not allow bacterial or microbial growth.
We also harvest, the root and stem,it is also dried and ground into powder
In the spring and Summer we offer at our markets Fresh Moringa leaf.
The Moringa Tree:leaf harvesting the proses we use at our farm to insure the finest quality of moringa in America
Harvesting of shoots and leaves

About the the Moringa Leaf
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The moringa tree has a compound leaf: one leaf is made up of multiple leaflets
What is referred to here as a leaf is precisely multiple leaflets attached to the branches which stems from the branch (see the compound leaf
Manual harvesting of shoots and leaves with a pair of shears, a sickle or a sharp knife is used to harvest all shoots cut at the desired height, . This is our preferred method on a day to day harvest. to supply the farmers markets fresh Morimga leaf
Some of our farms require Mechanical harvesters example is in the high Desert of Joshua Tree The Moringa Tree thrives in summer heat and grows 9 to 10 feet in one growing season
Mechanical harvesters is used for large-scale, intensive leaf used
Harvesting early Summer also done by removing the leaves directly off the tree.base
They are easily removed at the base of the petiole.
the trees will not have benefit from a good pruning and the following growth is therefore less vigorous.
A high level of hygiene is maintained. During all phases . Produce is harvested at the coolest time of the day: early morning or late in the evening. It is important to make sure there is no dew on the produce before harvesting, especially in the morning, to avoid rot during transport.
Harvesting of seeds
In seed farms, pods are harvested as early as possible when they reach maturity,
i.e. when they turn brown and dry. Fruits open easily. Seeds are extracted, bagged, and stored in a dry place.
There are three main methods for drying moringa leaves.
Room drying our leaves
The Moringa leaves are Spread the on mesh tied on racks (mosquito net mesh used) in a well-ventilated room. This room is insect, rodent and dust proof. Air circulation improved by using ceiling and floor level vents protected with a clean filter to keep the sun and dust out. air be directly oriented towards the leaves, as it can increase contamination with germs in the air.
We turn the leaves over at least once, with sterile gloves, to improve
uniform drying. Leaves should be completely dry within a maximum of 4 days.
At our farm we recommended moisture content of less then 05 %.
At the farm we Mill dry leaves using a stainless steel personal hammer mill. The Moringa leaves are pounded in a mortar, or milled with a blender.

The Miracle Tree That Keeps On Giving .
We have reached the nutrition of this Moringa Tree and this is a brief outline of this tree of Minerals
Many plants and trees are beneficial to mankind, but few are as giving as the Moringa Oleifera tree Moringa trees have a list of medicinal, nutritive, and practical uses that are second to none. A single moringa tree can provide leaf for nutrition, oil for cooking and healthy skin, seed cake for water purification and wood to build shelter and keep you warm.
The moringa tree thrives in arid conditions, where its benefits are most valuable and most needed. Living up to its nickname as a miracle tree, moringa is the basis of many health and nutrition programs funded by various charitable organizations. Moringa leaf capsules and bulk leaf powder are an incredible nutritional supplement with more than 30% protein, all of the essential amino acids, 27 vitamins and 46 antioxidants.
Moringa is truly a gift to the impoverished in parts of the world where life is hard and nutrition is scarce. Fortunately, healthy-minded people in the Western world are learning more about this miracle tree and what it has been doing for people in India and Africa for centuries.
Looking at pictures of Moringa trees, you will see a long, spindly plant species that grows rapidly and has modest leaf coverage. The appearance of the moringa tree is misleading.  It is hard to believe that this ungainly and stringy tree is such a nutritional powerhouse. Like many other things in this world, the unassuming moringa tree is a miracle hidden in plain sight.
In other cultures, the phrase used to identify the Moringa tree translates as the Tree of Life. This term may bring religious meaning to mind, but in truth, cultures worldwide share the symbolism of the Tree of Life as a symbol for life, growth and change. Moringa is known as a tree of life because its many gifts are life-giving. Amazingly, in addition to basic nutrition and water-purifying, moringa’s health benefits have been used in the treatment of more than 300 ailments.
Information about the moringa tree is becoming more readily available as the moringa tree continues to grow in popularity. This is evidenced by web sites offering moringa trees for sale in the USA where it is a non-native plant. Before you take someone up in the offer of a moringa tree for sale, remember that it is a tropical plant and will need to be kept indoors.  Moringa trees grow rapidly – almost as fast as bamboo! – and need to be pruned weekly. Moringa’s vigorous growth is yet another contributing factor to its names as a tree of life moringa is king. In addition to seedlings, you can also start your own moringa tree by planting moringa seeds, which will germinate and grow rapidly for you to enjoy.
We can supply you all the Moringa that you will need until your tree is mature
The best way to consume the leaf powder is in a tea ,(cold tea ) An example 16 oz of cold water to one tea spoon of Moringa powder, We suggest the a glass jar with a good fitting lid .Shake well to dissolve .
The best to you in health.